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Kerala House Construction Tips

This site gives you Kerala house construction tips based on different photos of house construction.Construction of a house is an achievemen...

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wall construction tips: cement block

Concrete/cement block has been used as a building material for house construction in India. It is less expensive than red bricks. Cement/concrete blocks are manufactured using cement, different sizes of aggregates and water.

Concrete/cement blocks are available as solid or hollow. The blocks are coming in different sizes. Most commonly, concrete blocks comes in 16 by 8 inches with 8 inches high. The measurements may different according to usage and availability. Concrete/cement blocks are durable and fireproof and it is termite proof also.

Partition walls in house construction can be built quickly using concrete blocks. Because of the big size of cement bricks, wall can be finished quicker than smaller red bricks.

Concrete block is less expensive as a building material than red bricks. It may also reduces plastering expense as it is smoother and even than red bricks.

Instead of cement block you can go for red clay bricks. How to select good quality bricks. You can check the size and shape of bricks. Bricks must be in good shape and size. Avoid cracks, sand projections. Check for evenly heated bricks. Also they must have even color.  Good bricks will be hard. If you strike on the brick it should produce a ringing sound. Also you can check the water absorption level of the brick. It should not absorb more water and get fully wet. It can intake around 10 to 20 % of the bricks weight. Brick will not break easily when droped to ground.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Kerala House Construction Tips

This site gives you Kerala house construction tips based on different photos of house construction.Construction of a house is an achievement for everybody.

We have to construct a flawless house. For that we try to get house construction tips. From my experience I can give you some practical house construction tips in the perspective of a house owner. These tips can give you some basic ideas about house construction especially for Kerala house construction.

Before we start with house construction definitely we have to collect better ideas of different house construction practices exists near to us. Otherwise we may land up in making mistakes. These house construction tips in this website can help you avoid such errors. While going through these house construction tips, if you find any fault in my construction methods, definitely you can change that and follow any better idea. This house construction tips are from original construction site and I provide actual photos.

These tips are actual and practical house construction tips and I hope it will surely help to have a concrete idea about it.

Friday, February 19, 2016

13. Curtains

Interior. Curtains.

We selected a different design for curtains.  The front hall is with siege color paint (similar to half white). Above lintel portion is with chocolate color. And for the middle portion of the curtains we gone for matching piece with chocolate color. 

In first bed room the main wall is chocolate like and above lintel is a florescent green. So here the middle portion gone with matching green.

Second bed room is with dark leafy green above lintel. So the middle portion of the curtain is matching green.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

12. Painting

The final part of a house construction: Painting.

We used Asian paints. We have gone for multiple colors instead of creating few color patterns. Selecting colors is big task. It may create confusions at some part of it. The colors shown in their catalogs, in their color studios and original are totally different and confusing. So I decided to buy few color samples first. Then the samples were painted in small portions and valued. After this we can get choice to change or not to change. Then only we can go for final selection. 

Some paint colors made darker by adding more color stains. If we want to make lighter then we can add white base color.

Colors for Pergola. Instead of going for several colors, we decided white color for pergola. And added deep blue for inside portion. That gave a lighting effect between pergolas.

11. Parapet and Plastering

The parapet in the front portion has done with clay bricks (ishtika). Here a pillar like structure which looks similar to pergola has created. In other places the parapet is done cement bricks. 

After the parapet, outside wall plastering started. For wall plastering, river sand also mixed with rock sand to get smooth surface. Watering should be done twice daily for seven days for each plastered walls. 

Inside plastering:  
Plastering the inside walls started after finishing outer walls.